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"It's just fine to be liberal. I love it when somebody argues with me."

"People think it's Joanne the social queen. That's not me at all. I get bored to death when people talk about nothing."

"I was driving in traffic and someone gave me the finger. (She drives a red Jaguar convertible.) I smiled and blew him a kiss."

"It's very hard to be a woman. It isn't enough to be supposedly intelligent, you have to be glamorous and elegant, too. And if you're not, men are very disappointed. If I only had to put on a tie and run a rag over my shoes, that would be just wonderful."



"I know Joanne Herring to be a most dynamic and inspiring personality. Her deep commitment to alleviate and assuage the sufferings of people of our region has touched me immensely. Her unique contribution to the Afghan freedom struggle in the 1980’s turned the tide of the conflict. This book is a reaffirmation of her genuinely feminine intuition towards a complex human tragedy spanning the last three decades."

Pakistani President Musharraf- 10th President of Pakistan and former Chief of Army Staff for the Pakistan Army 


"Joanne Herring is an extraordinary woman who was and still is a real catalyst for peace in our world. Here is her story for the first time in her own words about how she worked with Charlie Wilson and others to bring change to one of the most troubled parts of the world, and about what she is doing today to do the same. All of us who love and know Joanne, knows that she never gives up."

George Bush, 41st President of the United States 


"Diplomacy And Diamonds is the captivating story behind a living American legend; a woman I know to be even more glamorous - and more down to earth - than her portrayal in Charlie Wilson's War. Equally charming and potent, Joanne Herring moves effortlessly between high-society and deadly global politics."

Ali Velshi, CNN Anchor & Chief Business Correspondent 


"I love the way Joanne speaks so passionately and with such knowledge about the plight of the Afghan people and all she is doing to help them."

Winston Churchill III 


"The inimitable and gorgeous Joanne King Herring, smarter and better in life than on any movie screen!"

Barbara Taylor Bradford 


"I have known Joanne all my life. She walks where others fear to tread and never quits. She is a flash of light in a dark world."

James A. Baker, Former Secretary of State 


"The world is beating a path to her door because of her charm, intelligence and beauty."

Adam Curtis, Current Affairs, BBC

“Joanne’s lovely. She has all the social graces. She’s dressed impeccably. She is just so enigmatic and energetic that she walks into a room and she’s like a bright light. It was intriguing to be that person, and to portray her as a real human being.”

Julia Roberts, Charlie Wilson’s War dvd extras

"Had Mrs. Herring been able to help us after the Soviets left, our country would not been poisoned by fanatical ideology...our people would have been educated and we would have an independent, progressive nation/government".

Afghan elder and former Mujahideen fighter, Siyyid Fazel Ahmad.

“the queen of Texas.”

People Magazine

“the Texan who acts like a Duchess...” “the darling of third world Dictators...”

Paris Match

“extremely successful Consul General”

Fortune magazine

“the perfect corporate wife.”

New York Post

“the most popular Texan - a power in her own right;”

The New York Times

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